Cancer Lagna






Steel gray, dull brown, yellow and black



Gem Stones: Pearl Hessonite (gomedh), cat's eye (lasonia), blue sapphire and yellow sapphire
Remedial Measures
Render service to Parents/parents-in-law and aged and needy persons.  Fasting on Saturday

These are common suggestions for Cancer Lagna in general. Please contact the Astrologer for specific recommendation according to your own personal horoscope.

The sign Cancer is a mute, negative, watery and fruitful sign.   Its lord is the Moon, which is a royal planet.  It signifies grace and status.  With Cancer rising, the Moon being in a dusthana, one has sickly constitution, unpleasant appearance and mental unrest.

Cancerians are of volatile nature.  There are two reasons for this.  Firstly, the Moon becomes weak quite often, either in Pakshabala or by going to inauspicious places from the ascendant, being debilitated or combust or joining the mooltrikona signs ruled by weak planets.  Secondly, the house of initiatives is ruled by Mercury which also remains weak, often.  In case Mercury is weak and/or afflicted, the initiatives of the native do not produce results resulting in change of ventures.

The persons born under this sign suffer constantly from mental maladies, physical ailments of breast, chest, heart, epigastric region, stomach and digestive region whenever the Moon is weak and/or afflicted.

Cancerians are imaginative, peace-loving, good hosts, moody and humorous.  They are generous, helpful, emotional, dependent, and are full of concern - for self and others.  The sign being royal, there are many happy events in their lives.  They are very sensitive and restless.

The Moon, Mars, the Sun, Venus and Mercury are functional benefics.  Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are functional malefics for Cancerians.  A strong Moon blesses them with affluence and recognition.  A strong Sun blesses them with status.  The repetitive transit weakness of Mercury and weak natal Mercury, bothers them on account of miseries to younger brothers and sisters as also on their own initiatives.

A strong and well placed Venus blesses them with affluent and reputed parents, vehicular and residential comforts, good education, good family life and pleasures in life.  A strong Jupiter blesses them with good physical health while a strong Saturn blesses them with a long life.   A strong Mars blesses Cancerians with well placed father and executive authority.

As stated earlier, the happy events are more in their lives and recurrent, while unhappy ones are rare, but long lasting.  The  unhappy events are more tragic if the functional benefics are weak and afflicted.  Functional malefics, Saturn and Jupiter for  Cancerians, are as potentially harmful, as Rahu and Ketu are, whenever they form close aspects/conjunctions with functional benefics and mid point of the houses they occupy and aspect in a natal chart.  In their transit movement, similarly, whenever they form close conjunctions or aspects with weak natal planets or mid points of the weak houses, they trigger unfavorable events.  The weak Sun and Venus indicate trouble to parents, loss of assets and comforts.  The significant role of Mars, as a yogakaraka, is curtailed if it is weak.