Virgo Lagna






Orange, black, red, gray and dull brown.



Gem Stones: Emerald Hessonite (gomedh), cat's eye (lasonia), ruby, blue sapphire and red coral.
Remedial Measures
Be considerate to younger brothers and servants
Fasting on Tuesday

These are common suggestions for Virgo Lagna in general. Please contact the Astrologer for specific recommendation according to your own personal horoscope.

The sign Virgo is the mooltrikona sign of the planet, Mercury. Mercury governs nervous system, abdominal umbilical region, bowel and intestines. It is a negative, human, earthy and barren sign and rules the power of analysis and discrimination. If the sign Virgo rises and Mercury is strong and well placed, a person gets attractive personality and is charming. The weak Mercury gives body with prominent veins, lack of witticism and lack of charm. The weak and afflicted Mercury causes sufferings through nervous breakdown, appendicitis, constipation, etc.

Their analytical nature makes Virgo borns thorough and critical, leading to perfection. They are realistic in their
approach, weigh pros and cons carefully and are appreciative of the events liked by them. They are practical, fully
composed and sometimes perceived to be fussy. All these depend upon the strength and placement of Mercury in the natal chart. They are generally not content, because environment is quite away from idealism. The usual weakness of Mercury makes Virgos feel insecure in life. They are generally worrisome. Virgos are mostly truthful, sincere and dependable. The reason is that the house ruling character and inclination has the mooltrikona sign of the planet, Jupiter. The oft, existent weakness of Mercury makes Virgos nervous. The role played by functional malefics in making Virgos nervous is very significant.

The planets the Sun, Saturn and Mars turn functional malefics besides Rahu and Ketu. The transit influence of
functional malefics on weak natal positions of Virgos rob them of stability, and encounters them with new troublesome situations, time and again. That is why Virgos are known as nervous, fussy and appear to be, or are insecure. Virgos are art lovers and artists. Mercury, their ruler, is the planet of communications. Mercury, when strong, gives them the art of communication, which helps them in entering the field of performing arts, if Venus, too, is strong and well placed in the nativity. A strong Mercury with a strong Jupiter, ruling the fourth house, blesses the native with all assets in life as the significations of the fourth house are dynamic in nature as observed earlier in the book. A strong and well placed Moon blesses them with fulfillment of desires and good income, while a strong and well placed Venus blesses them with advisory status and a happy married life.

Close conjunction of functional malefic, Saturn, with weak natal positions generates disputes for the significations
ruled by weak natal planets or the houses. Close conjunction of functional. malefic, the Sun, generates losses and
expenses connected with the weak natal positions. While a strong Mars blesses Virgos with good inheritance, its
close conjunction/aspect with weak natal positions causes obstructions, accidents and violent end to the significations ruled by weak and afflicted natal positions. Apart from these conjunctions/aspects of functional malefics, the close affliction of Rahu and Ketu with Mercury can cause epilepsy or paralysis, while affliction to Jupiter can ruin the whole life of Virgos.

The collective weakness of Venus, ruling the second house, and Jupiter, ruling the fourth house, delays the marriage while bad placement of these planets and affliction causes denial/disturbed marital life to Virgos.